1. What is the Fantom chain?

The Fantom chain is a scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that aims to solve congestion on a network by creating a ‘network of networks’. Ultimately, this results in faster and cheaper transactions compared to older technologies like Bitcoin.

Similar to other networks (like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain), you are able to interact with decentralised apps (dApps) that range from DeFi protocols, NFTs and Bridges.

2. What Fantom chain features are currently available on Krystal?

You can swap tokens via SmartSwap. There are 9 platforms that SmartSwap will be sourcing liquidity from, which are:

  1. SpookySwap
  2. SpiritSwap
  3. PaintSwap
  4. JetSwap
  5. SushiSwap
  6. KyberSwap
  7. Curve Finance
  8. Beethoven x
  9. Morpheus Swap

3. Which token do I need to process transactions on the Fantom chain?

You will need to use FTM (native token of the Fantom chain) to process transactions, which is similar to how you would use ETH to process transactions on the ERC20 network.

As such, don’t forget to leave enough FTM in your non-custodial wallet to be able to process your transactions!